All Treatments, unless contraindicated, are done with an INFRARED BIO-MAT and TDP lamp, Sound Healing, Aromatherapy and Guided Breath-work.

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Biomat Amethyst Crystals + Infrared                          Technology  

Biomat Amethyst Crystals + Infrared                          Technology  


Typically recommended for a treatment course of 6-18 treatments for Chronic di-ease/imbalance. Acute Symptoms may be relived by 1-3 sessions. Best if the treatments are as close together and consistent as possible. Usually a good aim for 1-3 times a week for 3 weeks then reassessment of symptoms with provide further course of action. Your first session will last about an hour with follow up appointments 30-45min each.

A gentle approach is used for the first couple sessions. This is utilized with ION pumping cords. We are electromagnetic beings. When in a state of imbalance it is imperative to gently restore proper flow of the meridians to bring the body back to homeostasis. You will feel nothing as far as stimulation from the cords. They have a diode in the center and work by moving positive and negative electrons. Negative ions help decrease inflammation.  The cords continue to work 24-48 hours post treatment. You will be advised to drink more water than usual and take everything a little slower, with no heavy lifting or strenuous exercise. After a few rounds with Ion cords, your treatment will be reassessed. Other modalities such as herbs, moxa, cupping/guasha, electrical stimulation or ultrasound will be discussed for further treatments.(see below for description)



Mostly based on typical Chinese Medicine formulas, herbs work in conjunction with acupuncture to restore the body naturally. Sometimes other herbs are recommended as well as vitamin and mineral supplements.

It is always important to let the Physician know what Western Prescription Medication you are currently taking so as not to interact negatively with the herbs. Taking the herbs 2 hours before or after Rx is a good rule of thumb. Pharmaceuticals usually come with side effects and have to be increased dosage from time to time. Everyone should be aware of these and recognize they are mostly synthetic and perhaps could have dire consequences with long term use. YOU SHOULD NEVER STOP TAKING A MEDICATION WITHOUT FIRST CONSULTING THE MD WHO PRESCRIBED IT. There are instances where the body starts to come into balance and certain medications maybe be weened of properly with MDs guidance.


Using a micro-current device attached to the needles, similar to a Tens Unit. May be done within the frame of a treatment course to restore blood flow, decrease pain and regenerate nerves. As stated before, treatments usually start with a gentle approach unless otherwise requested.


Ultrasound is applied using a transducer or applicator that is in direct contact with the skin. A gel is used to reduce friction and assist transmission of the ultrasonic waves. Therapeutic ultrasound  is alternating compression and rarefaction of sound waves with a frequency of 0.7 to 3.3 MHz. Maximum energy absorption in soft tissue occurs from 2 to 5 cm. Intensity decreases as the waves penetrate deeper. They are absorbed primarily by connective tissueligamentstendons, scar tissue and fascia.

Conditions for which ultrasound may be used for treatment include the following examples: ligament sprains, muscle strainstendonitisjoint inflammationplantar fasciitismetatarsalgia, facet irritation, impingement syndromebursitisrheumatoid arthritisosteoarthritis, and scar tissue adhesion.

Cupping and Gua Sha

Ancient modalities based on bringing toxins up from a cellular level to decrease pain and improve blood flow. (see blog for more information/pics)

Ear Seeds and Micro-stimulation

The ear, in Chinese medicine is thought to be like a GPS map of the body. Ears seeds are an acupressure take home treatment. They are on tiny band-aid strips and can be left on for 4 days maximum. They are placed on tender/active points on the ear. During that time, you are encouraged to press and rotate in small circles while taking 3 deep breaths for each point. The more tender they are, the better. This means they are working to help facilitate healing in the corresponding area of the body. With the same motive in mind, micro-stimulation to each point may be experienced during the course of a treatment. 


Meditation and breath-work

All treatments include guided meditation and breath-work to facilitate a deeper relaxation. There are Advanced Practices that can be discussed if one so chose to dive deeper into "Awakening" :)

Sound healing

Currently utilizing Crystal Bowls  

C #The Om Chakra

Resides above the head as part of the astral body. Om is typically the tone chanted by Buddhist Monks at the beginning of meditation. Playing the Om Chakra crystal singing bowl is used to bring a feeling of universal communion and oneness with source. The Om vibration works with ALL chakras and healing challenges. 

A #: The Soul Star Chakra aka "Seat of the Soul"

 Functioning second to the crown chakra. Link between our eternal soul and incarnated self. When open, we understand we are eternal souls within  a temporary body.

F#: High heart chakra

Opening and balancing the High Heart/Thymus chakra helps strengthen the immune system and is where intent originates. The High Heart is the source for meaning, direction and spiritual longing in life. With this chakra intact and active, one can live in higher consciousness with more love and joy. If blocked or imbalanced, it mat create pessimism and negativity, making it difficult to express emotions.


  • Governs stability, grounding, physical health, prosperity, trust. 

    • If deficient a person may be fearful, anxious, restless, lacking discipline, underweight, financial issues, disorganized.

    • In excess: sluggish, lazy, tired, overweight, greedy, security issues.

    • Physical disorders: frequent illness, bowel/large intestine, bones, teeth, legs, chronic lower back pain/sciatica, depression, skin/immune issues.


  • Governs: Creativity and Inspiration. Emotional body: ie our ability to feel emotions, sensations, and atmospheres

    • Deficient: poor social skills, frigidity, fear or sex, lack of desire, passion, excitement, fear of change, rigidity in attitude

    • excess: sexual/pleasure addict, sensitive/strong emotions, invasion of others, obsessive attachment, emotional dependency

    • physical disorders: sexual/gyno, reproductive, spleen, urinary, loss of appetite for food/sex/life, chronic low back pain/sciatica

E: Third or solar plexus

  • Governs: vitality, purpose, strength of will, spontaneity

    • Deficient: low energy, weak will, poor self esteem, passive, SLUGGISH, fearful, poor self discipline, EMOTIONALLY and physically cold, victim mentality, blaming of others

    • excess: overly aggressive, dominating, controlling, blamming, arrogance, manipulitive, power hungry, hyperactive, excessively ambitious and competitive

    • physical disorders: arthritis, digestive, ulcers, colon/intestines, anorexia/bulimia, pancreatitus, diabetes, gallstones, allergies, liver

So important are your body's energy centers and their natural frequencies that some believe disease is actually a result of energy misalignment, possibly even your body's cells storing blocked energy until it ultimately releases itself in the form of illness. It is further suspected that vibrational sound could directly access cellular memory, releasing blocked energy and realigning your body's energy so healing can take place.

This line of thinking -- based on the healing powers of sound -- has given rise to areas of alternative and holistic medicine like sound therapy, sound healing and energy alignment therapy. Now accepted as proven therapies, vibrational sound has been successfully used to lessen stress, alter consciousness and create deep and inner peace. This in turn, promotes healing and health. Cancer patients and those suffering from chronic pain have used singing crystal bowls to promote healing, manage pain and lessen the side effects of treatment.


service pricing

Consult and first treatment $80

Follow ups $50

Package prices 3 or more $10 off

Referals $10 off